Characters Vaguely Like Me

Harriet from "Emma"
I've never read the book, and I've only seen bits and pieces from the newest film version of "Emma", but Harriet definitley reminds me of myself a little. She's very awkward and submissive to Emma, and pretty docile too, which I can relate to. She's also extremely plain which I find endearing for some reason. I think I'm generally plain too, but in my fashion than my looks, because I don't think anyone ever really has a "plain" face, because we all look like how God wants us too, so then none of us are plain to Him.

Emma Woodhouse from "Emma"
It probably seems strange that I can relate to polar opposite characters like Emma and Harriet, but Mr. Knightley's comments about Emma's vanity and her speech about hurting her friend are something I can relate to in a way. She's very selfish and snobbish, but also caring and kind at times. Her sentiments about Harriet and her regret for how she treated her is something I can relate to too. I don't think I'm a terrible person or anything like that, but I can definitley see myself in a way in her speech to Knightley about her treatment of Harriet.

"I do not think you personally vain. Considering how very handsome you are, you seem little occupied with it.
Your vanity lies differently."
- Mr. Knightley to Emma

And now, the infamous Beth March from "Little Women"
Beth likes pianos, animals, and children, just like me. She's an "angel in the house", which is something I hope to be someday, but in my own terms and not the completely self sacrificing girl with no opinions or plans like the archetype suggests. She reminds me of myself though because she sacrifices a lot to try to help the Hummel family, and she even gives up her large Christmas breakfast (along with her 3 sisters) to feed them, while the March sisters eat bread for breakfast. She makes a habit of reading the Bible every morning (as do her sisters), which is something I think would be good to do if I could ever make myself do it. At one point she makes a comment about how she never imagined herself being much, and that she thought "I couldn't seem to imagine myself anything but stupid little Beth, trotting about at home, of no use anywhere but there", and of course I don't think of myself as useless or stupid, but I can relate, because for the longest time I had no clue at all what I would become in life, and only now in the past few years have I started having a plan, and a plan that will make my happy. For the longest time I assumed I would marry someone I would have to settle for, and that I probably wouldn't be too much in love with them but everyone seems to act like you should almost expect to be unhappy in life so I expected the same, and I assumed I'd have a job I may not like and a life that wouldn't be the best life for me, but now I know mostly what I want, and thankfully I have such a wonderful husband that I love very very very very very much. Beth "leaves everything to God and nature" which is good to do, and something I admire. She's a much more complex character than many people guess she would be, and she's much more than the shy, sick girl people know from the movies. I guess in a way I'm complex like that too, because there's generally always more than meets the eye with anyone anyways. She also loves pianos and music, and although I've never played a piano, I've always liked them and I'm sure I'd like to play one someday if I ever was any good at it. I love music in general too, especially classical songs on pianos and swing music.